Benefits of handmade natural Soaps: Our handmade soaps are made in small batches with certified organic oils and natural raw butters.


  • Olive oil: Has powerful antioxidants, moisturizes skin, has Vitamin A, D and E.
  • Coconut oil: It's antibacterial, hydrates skin, moisturizes and removes dirt.
  • Shea butter: Moisturizes dry skin, reduces skin inflammation, restores elasticity of the skin, is anti-aging, is rich in oleic acids, Vitamins A and E.
  • Coconut Milk: Coconut oil is a deep moisturizer, has natural vitamin C and cooper, helping skin keeps its elasticity, prevents sagging and wrinkles. It is also great for dry skin. 
  • Castor Oil: May help skin tone, skin moisturizer, may help eczema.
  • Orange Essential Oil: Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, reduces inflammation. 
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil: Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil: Anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, toner.
  • Calendula Flowers: Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, contains iodine, carotene and manganese for skin rejuvenation. Gently cleanse the skin of impurities and remove dirt without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Each Bar weighs approximately 4.5 oz. 


Note: Each bar is handmade and hand cut. Please allow for any slight variances in color and texture. These soaps have been cured for 6 weeks which provides a wonderful hard long lasting bar without any preservatives. The longer the cure time the more dense the soap bar will become and the weight will vary. Using a draining soap dish between uses will help to preserve this quality. 


Anything listed on this website is for informational purposes. Please consult your primary care physician for any additional information on the healing properties listed.  Regina's Essentials, LLC is not responsible for any individual reaction to any particular ingredient. Each product description on our website includes a complete list of ingredients. People with sensitivities to any listed ingredient should not use the product. In case you are in doubt or have sensitive skin, always try an allergy patch test and if at any time irritation occurs, discontinue use of the product.

Sunshine *Vegan*

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  • 100% Natural Raw African Shea Butter, Certified Organic Coconut Milk, Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Certified Organic Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Certified Organic Orange Essential Oil, Certified Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil, Certified Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, Certified Organic Calendula Flowers